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WWS Overview

Waterberg Welfare Society providing a holistic approach to treatment and care of those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, including programmes for orphans and vulnerable children, youth, skills development, hospice and respite care and gender-sensitive youth programmes.

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July's Story

AIDS Am I doing something - Story of July Letsebe working with Waterberg Welfare Society to do something to support those living with HIV and bringing hope to the community.

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SALP and WWS Lacrosse 2011

South African Lacrosse Project working in partnership with Waterberg Welfare Society to bring Lacrosse to local orphans, vulnerable children and the youth of Vaalwater and surrounding rural farms.

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WWS Lacrosse Master

The WWS South Africa Lacrosse Project in Vaalwater 2011.

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Wilson Associates at Timothy House

Wilson Associate executives dancing with the kids from Waterberg Welfare Society during our visit to Johannesburg.

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Waterberg Welfare Society DVD 2011

The Waterberg Welfare Society (WWS) is a registered non-profit organisation, which provides help and support to those individuals whoare infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in the Waterberg district of Limpopo Province, South Africa.

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Waterberg Waves Recording and Radio Station

The Waterberg Welfare Society needs funding to get their radio station up and running so that they can educate the community about HIV/AIDS and provide hope. The music that plays in the video was recorded in this studio.

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Fundraising and Finances at Waterberg Welfare Society

NGOs cannot do away with their operational costs yet this is an area that the corportate sector seldom wants to finance. Fundraising is vital to the existence of NGOs. Yvonne Eskell Klagsbrun is currently training the finance department at the Waterberg Welfare Society to develop sustainable fundraising projects.

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The First Vodacom Change The World Project at Waterberg Welfare Society

The First Vodacom ‘Change The World Initiative’ at Waterberg Welfare Society - a basketball court.

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Day 3

Yvonne's 3rd day at Waterberg Welfare Society working for the Vodacom ‘Change The World Initiative’.

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