Treatment and Palliative Care

WWS runs a comprehensive care plan that incorporates palliative care at our HSPCA-accredited hospice, a network of home-based carers for home-based palliative and home-based care, and a Wellness clinic in Vaalwater for voluntary councelling, testing and anti-retroviral treatment. A mobile clinic extends these services to the rural communities. WWS is currently working in conjunction with local government to establish and transition patients to a local government treatment centre in Vaalwater.

Wellness Clinic

WWS currently runs a wellness clinic for people living with AIDS. We provide treatment and medical support for 1 100 patients, 600 of whom are on anti-retroviral treatment. WWS is in the process of transitioning our patients to the Government clinic in the Vaalwater township,as treatment is now available. To ensure the continued quality of service for our patients, we have committed to support, mentor and assist the Government clinic with the day to day running of this clinic over the next three years; specifically, this includes a data capturer, doctor, counsellors, nurses and resources.

Boikhutsong Hospice

Our HSPCA-accredited hospice offers holistic palliative care to those infected with HIV/AIDS. We have trained professionals who are able to assist patients with the best possible care in areas of home-based care, hospice care and respite care.

Home-Based Care

Home-base care (HBC) offers care to the patient in the comfort of their own home. Mobile teams of professionally supervised trained carers travel to people’s homes to support and educate families how to provide care at home. All HBC visits are documented in a patient file and then on our data system.

Mobile Clinic

The mobile clinic supports the Stepping Forward outreach programme and offers access to HIV testing and management. The mobile clinic visits rural communities weekly delivering anti-retroviral medication, and providing counselling, testing and support to those infected with HIV. Patients who would be unable to access HIV care due to their rural locality are supported and able to receive much needed medical attention via WWS mobile clinic. Our dedicated staff who work in these programmes understand the challenges of HIV as many are themselves are HIV positive. This has naturally encouraged the establishment of support groups in the various rural locations and they are well monitored and mentored by the Stepping Forward team.