Supportive Services

In order to provide a holistic response to HIV/AIDS, WWS provides a number of supportive services for our clients, including all patients, orphans and vulnerable children and youth. WWS strives to support and develop the orphans and vulnerable children within our target group. Although we do not reach all of them, we run inclusive programmes from Timothy House youth centre. An important component of our support services are the ‘support groups’ which have been set up within the community, to provide the vital support that people living with HIV/AIDS and those affected by HIV/AIDS require.

As employers of over 65 staff from the community, part of what we do on a daily basis, is skills training and development for our staff. A radio recording studio, Waterberg Waves, was established with the view not only to establish a community radio station from which HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness messages could be broadcast to a wider audience, but also to help develop a skills base within our youth. WWS also runs and supports Dumela vegetable garden.

Support Groups and Spiritual Care

From emotional, to spiritual, to practical, qualified WWS staff give advice and support within the community. An element of this support is centred around encouraging disclosure of HIV status within the community in order to help break stigmatisation. Individuals are also encouraged to re-enter employment and live normal lives. Our pastor is available to offer spiritual counselling and bereavement counselling.

Dumela Vegetable Gardens

Dumela Vegetable Garden plans a variety of education and training opportunities and provides income-generation by employment and selling of vegetables. The gardens supply fresh produce for the patients and children and now grows vegetables for the local commercial market.