Prevention and Awareness

WWS runs a multi-faceted HIV/AIDS awareness programme entitled ‘Stepping Forward ... is a Step Forward’, which includes distinct age-related and gender-specific programmes, such as Boys 2 Men. Voluntary counselling and testing is a key aspect of the awareness programmes.

Voluntary Counselling and Testing

Voluntary counselling and testing is a key aspect to the awareness programmes and requires dedicated and experienced counsellors to make sure that clients are well informed and supported when testing for HIV. Clients receive rigorous counselling before being tested, to ensure that they understand the disease and the implications of the treatment. Ongoing counselling for HIV-positive patients is essential to ensure they conform to the adherence criteria before starting anti-retroviral therapy. The mobile clinic enables WWS to reach patients in the community in more rural and isolated areas, who would otherwise struggle to obtain anti-retroviral treatment. With this facility, WWS takes counselling, testing and treatment to the patient’s door.