Waterberg Waves Radio Station

Waterberg Waves has been established to:

  • Provide an innovative approach to behaviour change that incorporates community involvement to assist children and youth to make educated choices about behaviours that affect their health.
  • Strengthen knowledge, skills and capacity to promote delayed sexual activities among youth.
  • Foster communication efforts to promote behaviour changes and reduction of HIV Transmission.
  • Increase social and family dialogue on the issues that matter to people living in the local community.
The team at Waterberg Waves recording studio for HIV/AIDS awareness and education

Waterberg Waves is an entrepreneurial radio/recording studio project with the local community youth. Housed in a converted shipping container, vulnerable youth are trained in radio skills and interview techniques to provide them with the skills and confidence to speak about HIV/AIDS-related issues and to create radio programmes, which are currently broadcasted internally at Timothy House and Boikhutsong Hospice. Once trained, the team will apply for a community radio licence.

Youth from the local community of Leseding make up the production and studio team and are responsible for the following:

  • Recording radio dramas, songs and other audio clips dealing with HIV/AIDS and related issues for use on the gig rig, at the WWS compound, on existing radio stations and through other media outlets.
  • Recording short radio programmes with WWS staff to raise awareness and dispel myths around HIV/AIDS.
  • Providing an affordable audio recording studio, which will in time become an income generating project where local community members, choirs, bands and hip hop groups can record their songs.
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“The best medium for mobilisation and dissemination of knowledge and information in Africa is through the medium of music, dance and drama. However this remains in the locality where it is made and is often lost and forgotten because it is not recorded and shared, thus limiting information dissemination.”