Stepping Forward ... is a Step Forward

Stepping Forward HIV prevention Stepping Forward AIDS awareness Stepping Forward HIV awareness

Prevention and awareness campaigns form a part of a detailed Stepping Forward programme, which focuses on different groups within the community. All the primary and secondary schools within the township and some of the rural schools are targeted with specific life skills programmes and workshops, with follow-up voluntary testing and counselling.

Stepping Forward programme for HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness

Awareness workshops within the township and on rural farms are possible with our Gig Rig lorry, which is equipped with a pull-out stage and PA sound system. The Stepping Forward team use this as a tool to deliver HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness campaigns effectively. The Gig Rig is accompanied by the WWS mobile clinic, so that voluntary testing and counselling can be available immediately on request.

Stepping Forward HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness education from the Gig Rig